Burgundy VIP FAM Overview


What pairs best with red? Water.

The network of rivers and centuries-old canals that crisscross Burgundy – France’s fabled wine-producing département – were practically tailor-made for pleasure cruising. Life unfolds at a different pace in this pastoral part of the world, and nowhere is that more obvious than from the deck of a piloted river barge (or peniche) that doubles as your floating hotel. Come experience central France on the sly.

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Blessed with some of the most gorgeous countryside in Europe, if not the world, Burgundy is a place everyone should explore at least once. And the best way to do it is from the deck of an ambling river barge. Visit small villages and first-rate wineries, bike through forests and vineyards on a provided bicycle, and soak up the glorious sunshine, all with the help of a charming little hotel that goes where you go. You won’t get a better glimpse of Burgundy’s pastoral pleasures than this.

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Meeting your hosts!

Joining you on this VIP FAM will be Sean Russo, National Sales Manager - Canada, and Gary Armstrong, Global Purpose Specialist - Alberta.

They are both super excited for this engaging experience!