By joining the G Adventures FAM club, you'll be getting much more than just the chance to travel on a life-changing adventure.  Membership into the G Adventures FAM Club (1 year from the end of your FAM), also comes with a whole set of amazing perks that are exclusive just to you:

  • Exclusive discounts and promotions

  • Custom FAM Club swag and gifts

  • Chances to win even more amazing prizes from G Adventures

  • Access to exclusive FAM training with a G Adventures GPS

  • And much much more!!

Who can apply for a G Adventures' FAM?

Only Canadian agents with a valid IATA or CLIA number may apply for a CAD FAM.  If you are a US based agent, please contact your US GPS to find out more about FAMs available to US agents.

Can I bring a non-agent travel companion? They'll be well-behaved, I promise!

Due to the small-group nature of tours and FAMs, there are limited spots available. Therefore, we only allot spots for Canadian travel agents on our FAMs.

Can I have a single room? Pretty please?

At this time, we do not offer single room accommodation on our FAMs. This allows for more agents to travel with us, and for you to experience our tours just like your passengers. If you have an extenuating circumstance that requires a single room, please advise the G Adventures employee upon booking your confirmed FAM spot.

Why must I book my spot within one week of receiving confirmation?

Hundreds of agents across Canada apply to join a G Adventures FAM. If you are confirmed, we ask that you book your spot within 7 business days of confirmation. This way, if you can not book, it allows us to quickly fill the spot with another well-qualified agent.

Is international air included?

No. The price of the FAM includes the land cost; any internal flights of the itinerary; and, any activities and meals indicated. Agents are responsible for international air that complies with the tour dates. Air may be booked through Agent Travel with G Adventures.

Can two agents from the same agency travel on the same FAM?

While we will happily review applications submitted by agents from the same agency, we will not confirm them on the same FAM. We prefer to have agents experience different tours so the agency may sell a wider variety of G Adventures tours.

Why do I require a Sherpa Agency Code when applying for a FAM?

By registering for Sherpa, you will receive access to an exclusive portal to G Adventures. You can get quick and easy access to all the information needed to book our trips, update information, request changes, and access relevant information. Only registered Sherpa agents will be considered for a Canada FAM spot.  If you need to register, please do so here.